What is XCAR all about?

A contest of pure skill, which could see you in a brand new car from just $6!
1: Campaign

Ownership stakes are sold for the supercar. During this process the terms and conditions are set out to any prospective owners and payment is taken with an XSupecar money back guarantee.

2: Sourcing

When all stakes are sold, the supercar is sourced! We use your industry contacts and suppliers to ensure that the best quality vehicle is Purchased, Assessed and Prepared!

3: Ownership

You can use the vehicle in line with the booking process based on the amount of shares purchased and availability! You’re guaranteed to have your supercar for the amount of time proportionate to your share!

4: Upgrade

At the end of the two year plan, the vehicle can be sold providing the majority of the owners agree. Proceeds can be paid out to the owners, or re-invested in a different model!

This Campaign's Ownership Opportunities!

Choose from the vehicles!

Ferrari 360 F1 2002, 60,000kms +/-



Launched in 1999, the 360 has been one of Ferrari's most versatile models in the company's modern history. Producing peak power of 400bhp at 8000rpm, the screaming mid-mounted v8 provides storming performance all wrapped in iconic, beautiful, Italian styling.

Audi R8 v8 2008, 60,000 kms +/-



The Audi R8 is the embodiment of German engineering, on the same platform as the Lamborghini Gallardo, with reliability to boot. The stunning styling, turns heads everywhere while the 4.2 mid-mounted v8, paired with Audi's Quattro all wheel drive system ensures that the R8 stays heads and shoulders above its peers around a track and on the streets!

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Current Vehicle Tenders:

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  • Ferrari 360

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  • Audi R8

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